6-year-old Latino Boy Attacked by Dog, $30 Mil. Lawsuit

A Long Island family is suing and demanding change after a dog attacked a little boy three weeks ago in a park in Port Washington.

The lawsuit is asking for $30 million. The family said the dog's owners knew the dog was dangerous, but let him in the park anyway.

Andrew Esposito and his parents were at the park to watch his brother. But as the 6-year-old boy walked toward the playground, his parents heard a terrible noise.

Edward Esposito, Andrew's father, said he saw his son lying face down, with his face in the ground, and screaming hysterically.

He had been attacked, bitten and knocked down by an 80-pound Labrador mix, according to the lawsuit introduced. The dog had been on a leash.

Andrew would stay at the hospital for four days, his ear full of stitches.

Now, his father is suing for medical bills and for punitive damages. His lawyer said the owners knew the dog was dangerous but brought him out anyway.

Rosemarie Arnold, the attorney, said they have witnesses who say that the dog clears out dog parks because the other dogs are afraid of it.

The dog owners were at the park that night to watch their son play baseball, too. Edward Esposito said he hasn't heard a word from them but says they continue to walk their dog through the neighborhood without a muzzle.

We reached out to the dog's owners, but they didn't return our calls.

We also asked the Port Washington Police Department for more information, but officials would not comment.

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