Female zookeeper crushed to death by elephant

A female zookeeper was crushed to death by an elephant at a zoo in New Zealand on Wednesday afternoon.

The woman died at the Franklin Zoo in Tuakau, 30 miles south of Auckland, about 4:30 p.m. local time, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Ambulance and fire officials confirmed the woman's death, with one saying, "A person was attacked by one of the animals, by an elephant."

According to its website, the zoo is home to just one elephant, a former circus animal named Mila and also known as Jumbo.

The 39-year-old animal has been housed at the zoo since 2008 after spending most of her life with the Whirling Brothers Circus, TVNZ reported.

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Next of kin were being notified of the death, which was still being investigated.