Australian man suffers serious burns after McDonald's manager allegedly throws hot oil

A man reportedly suffered severe burns to his body after a manager at a McDonald's in Australia allegedly threw hot oil in his face.

The incident happened at around 3:30 a.m. on Friday in Sydney's King Cross section, the Wentworth Courier reported Monday.

No charges were filed against the manager as of Monday and authorities are investigating whether he acted in self defense, according to the newspaper. 

Police reportedly said that the burn victim had threatened to kill the manager after the two exchanged words inside the restaurant.  

The manager allegedly told the man, "If you come over the counter, I’ll throw oil on you," the newspaper reported.

When the victim then allegedly jumped on the counter, the manager threw the oil directly at his face.

The victim, who was transported to a hospital, suffered burns to his face, chest, torso and both arms.

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