Woman Spends Three Months of Pregnancy Lying Upside Down to Prevent Miscarriage

A British woman who was told five months into her pregnancy that she was dangerously close to a miscarriage took an unusual precaution -- spending three months laying in a bed tilted 45 degrees. 

Doctors had told Donna Kelly, 29, that her baby was just an inch from the top of her cervix and at risk of "falling out," and they ordered her to lay in the bed with her feet raised higher than her head to reduce the pressure, The Sun reports. 

So for 24 hours a day Kelly, who had suffered from a weak cervix since giving birth to her older son four years earlier and had suffered two miscarriages since, would lay in the bed on an angle. 

The only time Kelly would get up would be to go to the bathroom. "It made me feel sick at first, and I had a massive 'head rush,'" she told The Sun. Her body eventually adapted to the angle and she even devised a way to eat her meals from the bed. 

Kelly spent 10 weeks under the care of an expert in recurrent miscarriage and gave birth to a baby girl six weeks early. 

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