Afghan gunmen attacked and poured acid on a father, his wife, and three daughters after the eldest daughter refused marriage to a warlord, Reuters reports. 

The unknown gunmen busted into the family's home Wednesday after eighteen-year-old Mumtaz, the oldest daughter, denied marriage to a local gunmen who the family considered a troublemaker and bully, Officials report. With her parents support, she instead got engaged to a relative.

"First they beat her father and then they attacked with acid," said Mumtaz's mother, who asked not to be identified.

All five are now receiving medical treatment, said Abdul Shokor Rahimi, head of the Kunduz regional hospital, Reuters reports.

"The father and oldest daughter are in critical condition as they have been attacked all over the body," Rahimi said.

"Their mother and two daughters who are 14 and 13 have some wounds only in hands and faces."

Ghulam Mohammad Farhad, the senior police detective for Kunduz, promised to track down the attackers, saying, "We have started an investigation and those who have attacked them will be prosecuted," he told reporters.

Acid is used intermittently as a weapon in Afghanistan, but not always against women. In the conservative, and Taliban influenced south and east, it has been thrown at girls attending schools, Reuters reports.

Officials said that attack may have been politically motivated.