British Stores Deem Children's Book Racist

The Vatican is defending the storybook character Tintin against what it called “politically correct lunacy” after British stores pulled the book over concerns that it was racist.

“Tintin in the Congo” details the adventures of a young Belgian reporter who is described by the Vatican’s official newspaper as a “Catholic hero.” Steven Spielberg’s adaption of the character, “The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn,” is due to open in American theatres in December.

L’Osservatore Romano published a front page story defending Tintin as “a hero of Catholicism” who was driven by a “sacred moral imperative – to save the innocent and conquer evil.”

But critics of the 1930’s children’s comic, said the book portrays Congolese people as infantile and stupid.

Some publishers have banned the book, while others have actually put warning labels on the cover.

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