Clash Reported in Somalia Over U.S., Danish Hostage

MOGADISHU, Somalia-- A Somali pirate and a government official say that fighting broke out between a local government force and pirates holding two hostages from the U.S. and Denmark.

The self-proclaimed pirate, Bile Hussein, said Wednesday that armed men from the Himan and Heeb local administration attacked a group of pirates Tuesday as they tried to meet local elders about the hostages.

Mohamed Aden Tiey, the top local official in the Himan and Heeb region, said one pirate was killed.

Pirates kidnapped the American and the Dane -- aid workers with the de-mining unit of the Danish Refugee Council -- last month.

Aden said the two are being held in a village called Eegan near the pirate town of Haradhere. They were not present at the scene of the fight.

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