French Party Suspends Man Over Oslo Suspect Praise

PARIS -- A member of France's far-right National Front has been suspended for posting words of support on his blog for Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian who confessed to last week's Oslo massacres.

National Front spokesman Alain Vizier said Wednesday that Jacques Coutela has been suspended for writings that are "contrary to National Front policy."

Coutela's blog referred to Breivik as "an icon." He has since removed the post, with a note saying that "I denounce" Breivik's acts.

Coutela claimed that he was simply relaying someone else's words, not his own.
Vizier said that Coutela will go before a party commission to explain himself. Coutela couldn't be reached for comment.

The National Front, which rails against what it says are too many Muslims in France, is a mainstay in French politics.