Photo essay: Slogans of Egypt's revolt reappear

Months after toppling Hosni Mubarak, Egyptians are back in Cairo's Tahrir Square to press a long list of demands that have not been met.

Slogans scrawled on banners, placards and T-shirts carry their message. Some are new, and some have been revived from the 18-day uprising in January and February.

"The martyr's father. Egypt and I are proud of the hero," said one man's simple handwritten message on the back of a T-shirt he wore while sitting this week in the square with a megaphone slung over his shoulder.

A girl held up a sign that said, "Even if it requires our blood, we will get our rights."

The signs, written by individuals rather than any organized campaigns, reflect the staggering array of demands unleashed by the uprising against Mubarak's regime.

Among the demands: purge the police of Mubarak loyalists and officers involved in killing nearly 900 protesters, prosecute corrupt officials, raise the minimum wage, increase social and labor rights and improve the economy.

Protesters from all walks of life gather around journalists and photographers to tell their stories and express hopes for a better life.