Obama to Puerto Rico, Mexico's Jailhouse Bar, Brazil's Underwear Warning Label: It's the Week In Latino News

The Week in Latino News starts off with the first official presidential visit to Puerto Rico in 35 years.

obama puerto rico

Well this isn't such a bad deal, now is it? Sure you're incarcerated, but you also have your choice of alcoholic beverage. A secret bar in a Mexico prison was serving tequila, beer and vodka to inmates.

tequila prison

Latina attmpted suicides are on the rise. A heartrending account of one is told through the prism of "Maria," a New York City teen.

latina suicide

Too much government regulation? In Brazil, the government passed a law to include health messages in underwear.

 brazil underwear warning

And the Latino-American Idol is Scotty McCreery! The sight of Scotty's Puerto Rican abuelita, Paquita, in the crowd at the show was enough to make anyone's heart melt.

 american idol scotty mccreery

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