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Key dates regarding John Demjanjuk

Key dates in the case of John Demjanjuk:

— 1920: Born in Ukraine.

— 1942: Captured by German forces while serving in the Soviet Red Army.

— 1952: Demjanjuk emigrates to the U.S., claims to have spent much of World War II in a German prisoner of war camp.

— 1958: Gains U.S. citizenship.

— 1977: Justice Department seeks to revoke citizenship, alleging Demjanjuk hid past as Nazi death camp guard "Ivan the Terrible."

— 1981: Citizenship revoked.

— 1986: Extradited to Israel for trial over his alleged role at Treblinka death camp.

— 1988: convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity, sentenced to death.

— 1993: Israel's Supreme Court unanimously rules Demjanjuk was not "Ivan the Terrible," overturning 1988 verdict and returning him to U.S.

— 1998: Regains U.S. citizenship.

— 1999 U.S. Justice Department again seeks to revoke citizenship, alleging that although not "Ivan the Terrible," Demjanjuk was a guard at Nazi death and forced labor camps.

— 2002: Loses U.S. citizenship again.

— 2005: U.S. immigration judge says Demjanjuk can be deported to Germany, Poland or Ukraine.

— March 11, 2009: German prosecutors issue arrest warrant, accusing Demjanjuk of being accessory to murder and say they will seek deportation from U.S.

— May 11, 2009: Berlin court rejects appeal against deportation; Demjanjuk leaves home by ambulance and is flown to Germany.

— July 3, 2009: Demjanjuk deemed fit to stand trial though his time in court must not exceed two 90-minute sessions daily.

— July 13, 2009: Prosecutors charge Demjanjuk with 27,900 counts of being an accessory to murder.

— November 30, 2009: Trial begins in Munich.

— June 8, 2010, Court raises number of charges to 28,060 after based on evidence of more Sobibor victims.

— May 12, 2011, Court convicts Demjanjuk on 28,060 counts of accessory to murder, sentences him to five years in prison.

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