Australian Female Cadet Claims Colleague Secretly Filmed Them Having Sex

Australia's military has been hit by a sex scandal involving a female cadet who accuses a colleague of secretly filming a sex session and broadcasting it to friends.

The woman, who is 18, and whose identity has not been released, made the accusation in an interview with Australia's Channel Ten television network.

She said she agreed to sex with a fellow first-year cadet at the Australian Defense Force Academy in Canberra but had no idea the session had been filmed until officials told her.

She said the encounter had been broadcast via Skype to six other cadets and photos had also been circulated around the academy.

Australia's defense force is already under fire after racist comments made by soldiers serving in Afghanistan were aired on social and broadcast media last month.

Australia's defense minister Stephen Smith said the sex allegation is being investigated by police and the Defense Department.

He said the case was being taken "very seriously" and has urged military staff to treat the woman with "civility and dignity."

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