Libya releases Al-Jazeera reporter; 3 others held

The Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera says one of the network's four reporters who were captured in Libya last month by pro-Gadhafi forces has been released. Three others remain held.

In a statement emailed to the AP on Monday, Al-Jazeera says the journalist who has been released is Lotfi al-Massoudi of Tunisia. The four journalists from the Qatar-based network were captured in the western Libya 27 days ago, the statement says.

The three who are still being held in Libya are: Ahmed Vall Ouldeddin of Mauritania, Ammar al-Hamdan of Norway and Kamel al-Tallou of Britain.

While the network staff were "glad to see an end to the ordeal" of al-Massoudi, the statement called for an "immediate release" of his three colleagues.