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Key dates in Egypt president's life

Key dates in President Hosni Mubarak's life.

— May 4, 1928 — Born in the Nile Delta village of Kafr el-Moseilha.

— April 1975 — Chosen by President Anwar Sadat to be vice president.

— Oct. 14, 1981 — Sworn in as Egypt's president following Sadat's assassination.

— June 26, 1995 — Survives an assassination attempt while visiting Ethiopia.

— 2003 — Collapses during a speech to parliament, blamed on a combination of cold medication and fasting during Ramadan.

— 2004 — Undergoes a minor back operation in Germany.

— February 2005 — Orders constitutional amendments that pave the way for first-ever multi-candidate elections.

— March 2005 — Hundreds participate in protests to oppose a fifth term for Mubarak or plans to let his son Gamal succeed him.

— May 11, 2005 - Parliament votes to change the constitution to allow contested presidential elections.

— Sept. 27, 2005 — Mubarak is sworn in for a fifth consecutive term after winning the first contested presidential election.

— March 6, 2010 — Undergoes gall bladder surgery in Germany, temporarily handing power to prime minister.

— Nov. 28, 2010 — Parliamentary elections are held. Opposition parties say the vote was marred by fraud.

— Jan. 25, 2011 — Appoints his first vice president, Omar Suleiman, shortly after the Jan. 25 outbreak of protests.

— Jan. 28, 2011 — Mubarak orders the army out on the streets to restore order.

— Jan. 29, 2011 — A wave of looting grips Egypt after police withdrew from Cairo and several cities.

— Feb. 1, 2011 — Promises not to seek re-election but says he will serve out the last months of his term and "die on Egyptian soil."

— Feb. 10, 2011 — Refuses to leave office but hands some powers to VP in state TV appearance that leaves protesters furious.

— Feb. 11, 2011 — Resigns and hands power to the military after protesters flood the streets of Cairo and other cities.