Woman Falls In Fountain While Texting, Sues

One minute she was texting back a friend. The next minute she was doing a face plant into a fountain full of coins. Now she wants to sue.

Cathy Cruz Marrero  is questioning the professionalism of mall security workers after a video of her tumbling into a mall fountain while texting went viral.

The Pennsylvania woman says she both laughs and cries about her face-first flop into the fountain at the Berkshire Mall, in the town of Wyomissing.

"A friend of mine from church, she texted me and I decided to text her back," Marrero said. 

"I thought I had a long distance -- I didn't. My boot hit the edge of the fountain and I fell over. I couldnt see anything that I could grab. Next thing I know I'm seeing pennies and coins in front of my face," she said.

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The video shows Marrero, oblivious to the looming fountain, tripping over the edge and falling into the water. She quickly gathers her bag and dropped cell phone and walks away.

She acknowledges the video is funny, but says the security personnel heard laughing on the recording should have been more concerned about her well-being.

Because there was no railing to protect someone from falling into the fountain her lawsuit may have some merit, lawyers say. The mall could also be in hot water over the security personnel who laughed at her rather than checking if she was ok.

Marrero has hired an attorney to look into the matter. A message left for the mall management office was not immediately returned.

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