Confessions of a Teen-Age Drug Killer

“El Ponchis,” the 14-year old alleged cartel killer, who has admitted to participating in four beheadings, is not the first American juvenile to have been swept into Mexico’s underground cartel world.

Rosalio Reta is an American citizen and a former hit man for Los Zetas. In an exclusive Fox News interview which aired on “War Stories Investigates: Drugs, Money and Narco-Terror” last year, Reta gives a chilling account of his life as a hit man including how he was recruited into the violent and deadly gang. In the video, Reta offers rare insight into the Los Zetas operation which parallels the story of todays 14 year old killer -- “El Ponchis.”

At thirteen the Mexican cartel seduced Reta with a promise of a life of luxury and befriended the 13 year old at a night club in Mexico where he was offered an opportunity to train as a cartel member.

“Money, cars, and houses, got to hang with the wrong people,” Reta says. He goes on to describe his first murder, “I fired the gun nine times…shot him four times in the chest and five times in the head.”

Reta is currently serving a 70-year sentence in a Texas prison for the execution of two men.