Marco Rubio Not Really Hispanic? What?

The Washington Times website ran a column on Friday suggesting Marco Rubio, the new Senator from Florida, is not truly Latino. Why? We'll let columnist Mario Salazar, regular contributor to the website, explain it himself. Here's what he says in the article:

“Even before the media started hinting at a possible 'first Latino president', I was thinking of this possibility ….  I do however have a problem with Marco being the first Latino president of the United States.  While in school I met and befriended several of the early arrival Cuban Americans.  I remember that to a man, when asked if they were Latinos or Hispanics, they would respond, - “No, I am not, I am Cuban.” 


"There is no need to mention that most other Latin American immigrants didn’t have the level of education, the business knowledge or that much European pigment in their skin.  Many of the non Cuban Latin American immigrants come from rural areas, especially those that came from El Salvador and that claimed political refuge in this country.”

You heard it here there first: Marco Rubio, too light-skinned, urban, educated and Cuban to be Hispanic.