French Teacher Suspended for Spending Too Much Time Teaching Holocaust

A history teacher has been suspended in France for spending too much time teaching students about the Holocaust.

Catherine Pederzoli, 58, a secondary school teacher who is Jewish, was accused of teaching the subject with insufficient neutrality for both her time dedicated to teaching about the Holocaust and trips she organized to former Nazi death camps, Pederzoli’s attorney Christine Tadic told Agence France-Presse.

"If this teacher had been a Christian, no one would have accused her of brain-washing," Tadic said. "Isn't it the case that this teacher's fault is to have been Jewish?"

A report compiled by school officials last month alleged that Pederzoli took up too much time preparing students for the annual school trips to Poland and the Czech Republic and accuses her of "lacking distance, neutrality and secularism" and "brain-washing" in teaching the Holocaust, AFP reported.

Tadic told the AFP that her client organized the trips for 15 years with no complaints and was unfairly targeted by a new school management team that arrived in 2007.

Authorities suspect Pederzoli of inciting a protest staged by some of her students in December after the school reduced the number of destinations on the Holocaust field trips, the AFP reported.

Judges have two weeks to decide whether or not to grant Pederzoli a court injunction to annul the suspension.

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