A pilot performing daredevil aerobatics was plunged into panic when the wing of his plane suddenly broke off.

Several thousand spectators at the air show in Argentina watched in awe as the aircraft hurtled towards the ground, believing it was part of the display.

Luckily, pilot Dino Moline was quick to activate a parachute system protecting the whole plane, which enabled him to land softly.

He miraculously walked away from the cockpit unaided and unharmed.

Moline described his shock at the moment the wing fell off like "an explosion."

"I don't know what happened to me, I believe that it was metal fatigue and I felt an explosion," he told SFnoticias.com.ar. "My foot got burned but I'm fine."

Moline, a RANS Air Brigade pilot, was performing at the El Trebol aviation club in Santa Fe, Argentina, when the accident happened.

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