Sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman is secretly shopping for a $250,000 media deal -- and demanding the money be paid into the Swiss bank account of an associate.

The sultry redhead is hoping to net a fortune from the story of how she infiltrated American society and has asked a London-based friend to discreetly reach out to the media for a deal.

Chapman hopes to get around rules in the US and Russia banning her from profiting from her story by channeling the money from any deal to a friend, sources tell us.

One said, "Anna has lost her income. She has had to leave her real-estate business, and won't be getting any more money from the Russian government. She knows a media deal is her best way of earning money. It has even been suggested to her that she might pose for Playboy.

"She hopes this translates into a book deal and movie rights, but how she is paid will have to be carefully controlled. The money cannot come directly to her, so she has suggested it goes to a friend's Swiss account."

In her plea bargain with US authorities, Chapman agreed not to profit from her story and stipulated that any money she got would go to the federal government.

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