Poll Finds Most Russians Against Nuclear Disarmament

The majority of Russians say they are against nuclear disarmament, a number that has spiked since the fall of the Soviet Union, RIA Novosti reported Thursday.

The survey of 1,600 people in 140 cities across Russia took part in the poll, which found 60 percent were in favor of abandoning nuke stockpiles, a dramatic increase since 1991, where 48 percent were in favor of disarmament.

Yulia Baskakova, an analyst at the Russia Public Opinion Research Center, told RIA Novosti the results indicate that Russians believe further cuts of nuclear stockpiles would pose a threat to Russia's security, as well as a shift in mentality since the Soviet Union’s collapse.

When asked who benefited more from the signing of the nuclear arms treaty between Russia and the U.S., 33 percent said both countries, 22 percent answered D.C., and 4 percent said Russia, RIA Novosti reported. Twenty-seven percent said the agreement would have an impact globally.

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