12 dead, 2 missing in northeastern Romania after heavy rain and flooding

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Torrential rains and heavy flooding have left 12 dead and two missing in northeastern Romania, authorities said Tuesday.

The bulk of the causualties occurred in Botosani County, where seven people died Monday night, said Emergency Situations spokeswoman Dorina Lupu. Emergency crews temporarily evactuated hundreds of others in the region.

In the neighboring counties of Suceava and Iasi, five people died and two remain missing.

Prime Minister Emil Boc promised aid to the flooded counties during a visit to assess the damage.

Residents from villages dotting the Siret river in northern Romania also had to evacuate their homes, authorities said.

The storm damaged bridges and roads, washed crops away and blighted hundreds of houses. Romania's rail link to neighboring Ukraine was shut down, and dozens of villages still have no electricity.