Blonde, pony-tailed burglar finds New Zealand home just right, but doesn't get fairy-tale end

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — A blonde, pony-tailed burglar ate some food, drank some alcohol, tried on clothes and then found the bed in a New Zealand home just right.

But upon finding a modern-day Goldilocks asleep in his bed, the homeowner in the southern city of Christchurch exercised an option The Three Bears didn't: He called police.

In court Monday, 39-year-old Vanessa Joy Long pleaded guilty and said she blacked out and doesn't remember what happened June 5. The judge ordered a probation report to see if Long was suitable for home detention and could pay for her misdemeanors.

The damage was estimated at 1,500 New Zealand dollars ($1,064).

She was released on bail for sentence on Sept. 1.