Honduran president Lobo says plot afoot to overthrow him, offers no proof

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) — Honduran President Porfirio Lobo warned Wednesday of a purported conspiracy to overthrow him just a year after his predecessor was ousted in a coup.

"I'm warning you that I know who you all are," Lobo said in a statement, referring to alleged coup plotters whom he did not name. "I have information, and you were wrong about me."

Lobo did not offer any further details or proof of a conspiracy.

HRN television reported that three members of the ruling National Party were behind the plan, but did not identify them.

National Party chief Fernando Anduray called Lobo's accusations "imprudent" and urged prosecutors to investigate.

Security was promptly doubled for the president, his family and close advisers, said the chief of the presidential guard, Col. Rene Osorio.

Last June, then-President Manuel Zelaya was seized at gunpoint by soldiers and flown out of the country during a coup supported by members of Zelaya's own political party.

On Wednesday, the leader of a party that led protests to try to return Zelaya to power said Lobo's allegations were disturbing.

"I am very surprised by these comments," said Federico Alvarez, chief of the Democratic Civic Union. "If someone wants to stage a coup d'etat, it's because they have arms under their control. ... They are very serious remarks because they come from a leader who is in office."

Lobo took office in January after winning elections in November that were scheduled before the coup that toppled Zelaya.

Zelaya is currently in exile in the Dominican Republic.

The Honduran military forcefully deposed three other presidents between 1963 and 1972.