Cannes directors sign petition in support of Roman Polanski

CANNES, France (AP) — Top directors with films at the Cannes Film Festival have signed a petition in support of director Roman Polanski, who is under house arrest in Switzerland.

Signatories of the petition include French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard, French actor-director Mathieu Amalric and Cannes best director laureate Bernard Tavernier.

The petition is posted on a Web site overseen by French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy.

Polanski is under house arrest in Geneva in a 33-year-old sex case.

He pleaded guilty in 1978 to unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl. But after a judge said he would renege on the plea bargain, Polanski fled to his native France. He has been a fugitive since then.