Chinese president to meet Obama in US this month

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese President Hu Jintao will hold talks with President Barack Obama during a coming trip to the U.S. to attend a nuclear security summit in Washington, the Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

Hu was also scheduled to give a speech at the April 12-13 summit, which dozens of world leaders are expected to attend.

"President Hu will analyze the current international nuclear security situation ... and put forward China's proposals on the strengthening of international cooperation in this area to meet challenges," Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai said.

Cui refused to comment on a new U.S. defense policy that aims to lessen the role nuclear weapons play in America's defense planning. The policy also called on China to explain its nuclear intentions more clearly.

"China's nuclear policy and China's strategic intentions are clear. Since 1960s we have repeated our position on many occasions and our position has never been changed," he said, refusing to elaborate.

Beijing, which is said to have 100 nuclear warheads, has said that it would not be the first to attack with nuclear weapons.