Pressure on Irish Catholic Leader to Quit Amid Scandal

The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland will be pressed to quit if he refuses to resign over the growing child abuse scandal, The Times has learned.

Nothing less than Cardinal Sean Brady’s resignation will diminish fury at the highest levels in Rome over his role in pedophile priest cover-ups.

The Northern Ireland Assembly prepared last night to order an official investigation into child abuse in the Province after details emerged of more attacks on children by members of the clergy.

Brady is spending the days before Easter considering his position as Archbishop of Armagh. Although there is no canonical procedure to remove him, if he refuses to go voluntarily pressure from the Holy See will make his departure inevitable. “Ireland needs a fresh start,” a source in Rome said. “By clinging on, he is putting his own interests before the Church’s.”

The inquiry would be similar to that which uncovered a shocking litany of historic crimes in the Republic of Ireland last year. 

“It’s difficult to see anything other than a significant inquiry being held,” a senior government source said. “There was an acknowledgement that there’s a need to act with expediency.”

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