Poland's ruling party picks presidential candidate

Poland's center-right governing party has chosen Parliament Speaker Bronislaw Komorowski as its candidate for president.

The pro-EU Civic Platform chose Komorowski over Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski in Poland's first primary, modeled somewhat along U.S. lines.

In results announced Saturday, Komorowski won 68.5 percent of the votes to Sikorski's 31.5. Komorowski, 58, came across as more traditional, while Sikorski, 47, with an Oxford education and an American wife, seemed more cosmopolitan.

Komorowski enjoys strong support in polls; commentators say he stands a good chance of election this fall.

Incumbent Lech Kaczynski, whose popularity is low, hasn't said if he'll run again. Currently, the presidency and parliament are controlled by different parties.