British Couple Faces Jail for Selling Endangered Animals on eBay

A British couple were warned they could face jail after pleading guilty to selling dead endangered animals, The Sun reported Tuesday.

Former animal care professor Graham Pitchforth, 61, and his wife Norah, 65, used auction website eBay to trade exotic species, including monkeys, a baboon and a lion cub, in a $44,700 operation.

The pair, from northern England, admitted 24 charges of importing and exporting animals.

Other animals sold by the couple included a Yellow-Billed Kite bird, a Crab-Eating Macaque monkeys and 59 Malayan flying foxes.

They also brought and sold a Crocodile Monitor lizard, a North American otter, 14 Javan Black Langur monkeys and four Pig Tailed Macaque monkeys.

The illegal trade was finally uncovered after the Pitchforths' house was raided in 2006.

They are due to be sentenced at a court in Leeds on April 15.

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