Two Million Muslims to Stone Devil at Hajj

Two million Muslims are headed to Muzdalifa, Saudi Arabia, to cast stones at the devil in the most dangerous part of the annual hajj pilgrimage, Reuters reported.

Once the Muslim pilgrims get there, they will collect pebbles to throw at walls of the Jamarat Bridge to symbolize the rejection of the devil's temptations.

Aisha Mennan, 63, came from Morocco with her family to take part in the hajj pilgrimage.

"Now I can die in peace," she told Reuters. "My two sons and three daughters have been saving for years to send me here and when the money was ready I had to wait another three years before I got picked by a ballot. I'm very lucky to be here."

According to Reuters, the bridge has been the scene of a number of deadly stampedes, including the incident in 2006 when 362 were crushed to death.

The hajj marks sites that Islamic tradition says Prophet Ibrahim visited in Mecca and that Prophet Mohammad established as a pilgrim route 14 centuries ago after removing pagan idols from Mecca.

Authorities have reported none of the problems that have plagued the hajj in previous years such as fires, hotel collapses and police clashes, according to Reuters.

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