Three days after Rafael Nadal was kissed by an intruder at the U.S. Open, there was an even stranger invader at Friday night's Tigers-Blue Jays game at Comerica Park _ a 6-year-old boy.

At the end of the seventh inning, as the Tigers were coming onto the field to warm up, the boy jumped out of the crowd and ran to the pitcher's mound. As his baseball cap fell off, he grabbed the ball that had been left for Tigers pitcher Brandon Lyon and raced back to the stands next to the Toronto dugout.

After a brief discussion between a security guard, a police officer and an adult male in the crowd, the boy was helped back into the stands and allowed to keep the ball.

A local news photographer who was near the incident said that the adult, who identified himself as the boy's uncle, told the police officer that the youngster had misunderstood his suggestion to go down to the railing and try to get a ball from the Toronto players.