It's that time of year when things get personal in fantasy football.

Not with the trash talk-filled playoff battles and grudge matches with your brother-in-law, but with the feelings of betrayal fantasy owners feel after their players shatter their postseason hopes.

The pain's still fresh for many fantasy players who just can't stop asking:

Really, Aaron Rodgers, last week was when you decided not to throw any touchdowns? And Kurt Warner, no scores and two picks? Two catches, Roddy White? Only one catch, Randy Moss? And Rashard Mendenhall, weren't you supposed to be money in the bank against the hapless Browns who came in with one of the worst run defenses around?

If you have Chris Johnson or Saints or Colts, you should be immune this week. Although, that's what us Rodgers owners were thinking heading into last week.

As you brace for imminent disappointment, here are some players to consider starting and some to sit in Week 15:



_Don't expect another dud from Rodgers at Pittsburgh (that is, if he didn't already knock you out of the playoffs). This is not even close to the Steelers' defense that was once scary, as the dregs like Oakland, Kansas City and Cleveland have proven. And Troy Polamalu is once again out.

_Likewise, don't outsmart yourself on Tom Brady after his stat-free outing last week. He's averaging about 354 yards and four TDs in his past three against the Bills. (Only consider benching him if there's a windy blizzard in Buffalo.)

_Tony Romo should have another huge statistical game during another December Dallas loss in New Orleans. He's averaging about 315 yards with seven scores in his past three games. (By the way, has there ever been a 13-0 team with a worse defense?)

_Lost in the Giants' collapse is the fact that Eli Manning is suddenly a fantasy monster. He has gone over 380 yards with three scores twice in his past four games, and somehow a potentially meaningless game with the Redskins is shaping up as a shootout.


Please, in the name of Keith Null, don't start these guys:

_This may not be the best week to start Brett Favre. The Vikings remembered they have Adrian Peterson last week, they face a Panthers defense that can't stop the run, and they may want to start saving Favre's arm for the playoffs.

_Speaking of ageless guys, consider sitting Kurt Warner if you have a solid backup. His pattern of being good every other week dictates a big game, as does his matchup against Detroit. But Arizona could get up so big, so fast, that he stops throwing or sits.

_Don't consider starting Carson Palmer even though the Bengals and Chargers could have a shootout. After so many statistical flops, it's just hard to trust Palmer in the postseason.



_Knowshon Moreno's a great start, as Denver will surely follow the usual drill of handing off all day against Oakland's 30th-ranked run defense. He's averaging 20 carries and has scored three times the past three weeks.

_Maybe Tim Hightower's fumbling has finally sent the bulk of the carries over to Chris Wells. Even if Wells has to share some, there will be plenty of chances to score big against Detroit.

_Pierre Thomas is always that other guy in the Saints' rotation, the one who doesn't get to score any touchdowns. He doesn't have a TD run or 15 carries in the past five games, but he's worth a shot this week as New Orleans piles up points on the Cowboys.

_If you're really hurting for a back, go with Cleveland's Chris Jennings against the horrific Chiefs' defense. The Browns are talking about running Josh Cribbs more, but there's plenty to go around against Kansas City.


_The Rams' Steven Jackson was on a roll of sorts until last week's 47-yard game and now he faces a Texans' run defense that hasn't allowed a 100-yard back in three weeks. You hate to sit your first-round pick, but this one could be 35-0 real fast.

_The shocking Willis McGahee two-touchdown outburst was only a function of playing against Detroit, so don't bother using him this week. The Bears are bad, but not Detroit bad.

_I have not even looked into who's getting the carries in Detroit now that Kevin Smith is out for the year, and neither should you. Having Lions in your playoff lineup is just asking for trouble.



_If Larry Fitzgerald can't play, don't be afraid to plug in Steve Breaston if you're hurting for a receiver. Arizona faces the league's worst pass defense at Detroit, which is so bad there could be decent receiving stats before the Cardinals go to handoff mode.

_How great is it to have DeSean Jackson in the playoffs? He's scored in three straight games and faces the 49ers' 27th-ranked pass defense. The Niners looked impenetrable last week, but they're pretty erratic.

_In that same game, the 49ers' Michael Crabtree faces a mediocre Eagles' pass defense. He's always good for about five catches and has scored twice in the past four weeks.

_I have sworn to never ever again suggest starting Seattle fantasy flop T.J. Houshmandzadeh. So I'll timidly suggest the outside possibility of maybe starting him if you're extremely desperate. Nate Burleson's hurting and the Bucs are awful.


_Given the state of the Detroit offense and how much Arizona needs to bounce back from last week's embarrassment, it's worth considering the bench for Calvin Johnson if you have other decent receivers.

_Up until last week Roddy White managed to fluke his way into decent stats despite the many injuries on Atlanta's offense, but he should be in for a second bad week against the Jets' No. 1 pass defense that's given up just seven TD passes.

_Kansas City's Dwayne Bowe is back from a four-game suspension, returning to a QB whose interception total doubles every week. (He's gone from one, to two to four, so should have eight this week.)


FREE AGENT SHOPPING LIST: RB Quinton Ganther (2 TDs), RB Chris Jennings (73 yards, TD), RB Willis McGahee (2 TDs), WR/RB/QB Josh Cribbs (96 total yards).



Big Hits: I expected good things from Frank Gore (167 yards, TD), Jason Campbell (2 TDs), Jamaal Charles (181 total yards, TD), Fred Jackson (122 total yards) and Thomas Jones (99 yards, 2 TDs). I predicted bad things for all RBs in the Houston-Seattle matchup (nobody had more than 43 yards) and Mike Sims-Walker (6 yards)

Big Misses: I was overly fearful of the injury woes of Matt Schaub (365 yards, 2 TDs) and didn't expect much from Chris Wells (78 yards, TD). I also expected good things from touchdownless receivers Robert Meachem and Pierre Garcon, and thought Davone Bess (22 yards) was worth a long shot.