Barack Obama played it safe and quit when he was ahead in the count. At least when flying pancakes were the prize.

At a pancake breakfast Sunday with veterans and military families, the Democratic presidential front-runner accepted a challenge to catch tossed pancakes. He took a few steps back from the grill and held out his paper plate expectantly.

First one: a low trajectory and right onto the plate.

Second one: Obama maneuvered a bit but managed to catch it. Same with a third.

To applause, he took a slight bow. Then Obama held up his hand when pancake chef Gregg White started to fire another cake at him.

"That's it, enough," the Illinois senator said.

Were Obama's three-in-a-row catches testimony to the politician's reflexes or the chef's lobbing skills?

"A combination of everything," said White.


Compiled by Tom Raum.