Nationals general manager Jim Bowden denied an report Friday that he and special assistant Jose Rijo are being investigated in connection with a scandal involving bonus money for prospects from the Dominican Republic.

"There's no wrongdoing," Bowden said during the Nationals' game against the Houston Astros. "I met with FBI investigators. I think there are many people throughout baseball who are going to be talking with the FBI and Major League Baseball, trying to help get all the information out there on all the problems that exist over there. ... At no time when I met with the FBI investigators were questions revolving around myself or Jose Rijo."

ESPN reported Bowden, who has been the Nationals' GM since 2004 and previously worked in the same capacity in Cincinnati from 1992-2003, and Rijo were being investigated in a probe examining an alleged scam involving the skimming of signing bonuses for young Dominican players.

Rijo pitched for three teams in 14 big league seasons and is from the Dominican Republic.

Bowden would not say when or divulge details of what was discussed when he met with FBI investigators.

"I think questions should go to the FBI and Major League Baseball, not me," he said.

Asked whether he had any knowledge of any improprieties within the Nationals organization, Bowden said: "Absolutely not."

He pledged his continued cooperation with the investigation, adding he felt the FBI's contact with the Nationals was part of investigators' attempts to connect with all major league teams.

"I'm going to cooperate and anyone in our organization that they want to interview, we're all going to cooperate to help baseball," Bowden said. "(Commissioner Bud Selig) wants to clean up the problem in baseball and we're all going to support it."

According to the story on, Major League Baseball is looking into all facets of its teams' scouting and player development operations in the Dominican Republic, including the possible use of steroids.

"It's obviously been a lot of rumors and allegations of the things that happen there, but that's up to the investigators and Major League Baseball to deal with," Bowden said.