House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is behind on a dark horse in the Democratic veepstakes: Rep. Chet Edwards of Texas.

"I hope he will be the nominee," Pelosi said Sunday on ABC's "This Week."

Edwards, first elected in 1990 and now in his ninth term, represents Texas' 17th District, which includes Waco, College Station, Fort Hood and the small town of Crawford, where President Bush has a ranch. He serves as a senior member on the House appropriations and budget committees and has guided funding measures for military veterans.

Pelosi said that amid all the talk about possible running mates from the Senate, she didn't want the House to be left out. Presumed nominee Barack Obama has not announced when he will make his pick.

"There's such a great array of people from whom Sen. Obama can choose," she said. "So, any one of them, I'm fine with. I just wanted people to be aware of the extraordinary credentials of Chet Edwards."

Pelosi's push for Edwards was reported by Newsweek in its issue set for release Monday.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., mentioned as a potential running mate, said Sunday she had not been asked for any documents as part of a vetting process.

Former Rep. Rob Portman, an Ohio Republican and a former budget director under President Bush, said the campaign of Republican John McCain had not asked him for any personal records. He and McCaskill appeared on CNN's "Late Edition."

Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor, on the other hand, has been asked by the McCain campaign for personal documents as part of its search for a running mate, The Associated Press reported Saturday. Cantor had no comment on the report.