It's been nearly 20 years since former Sony Pictures chief and"Superman Returns"producer Jon Peters split with ex-wife Christine Forsyth Peters. He now feels it's time for her to leave the Bel-Air mansion where he says she's been living rent-free since 1993.

The producer, who was once Barbra Streisand's hairdresser, is suing to evict his ex from the seven-bedroom estate. He's also challenging her bid for $50,000 a month in child support for her two adopted daughters.

Last week, Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon ordered a Sept. 26 hearing date.

Forsyth Peters, who produced the movie"How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,"said through family friend Brian Quintana that she simply wants"to protect the rights and needs on behalf of her children."

The couple married in June 1987 and separated two months later, according to court papers. Peters filed for divorce in 1993, agreeing to pay her $4 million and let her stay-rent free in the Bel-Air mansion for two years.

But Peters allowed his ex to remain in the home for another 11 years, according to the court documents. He said there was no agreement to give her the home.

Forsyth Peters received an eviction notice in April.

After the couple's separation, Forsyth Peters adopted two girls, Caleigh, now 17, and Skye, now 15, according to court papers.

Forsyth Peters'lawyers said Peters told her she could stay in the home as long as she wanted. She has spent $200,000 on improvements, according to court documents.

She is petitioning to stay in the house at least until Skye is 18 and graduates from high school.

Forsyth Peters'lawyers say Peters owes child support because he developed a close relationship with the girls and acted as if they were his biological children.

Peters said he voluntarily supported them financially for several years and doesn't want to be ordered to do so by the court.

Peters has a son, Christopher Peters, from his 10-year marriage to actress Lesley Ann Warren. They divorced in 1977.

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