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Storms, rough surf to batter Florida this week

While the rest of the southeastern United States enjoys sunny and pleasant weather, Florida will be the focal point for occasional thunderstorms and rough surf this week.

The system that preceded the influx of dry and pleasant weather across the South will remain stuck across the Florida Peninsula over the next few days.

“This will keep Florida unsettled, warm and muggy,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Frank Strait said.

Showers and thunderstorms will be the most widespread and heaviest across the eastern half of the state through Wednesday, soaking Daytona Beach, Orlando, Vero Beach and West Palm Beach. Fewer storms will reach the Gulf Coast side.

SE Thursday regional 10.18 AM

Rain may be heavy enough to trigger slow travel along interstates 4 and 95, as well as standing water on side streets and localized flooding.

Communities still picking up the pieces after Irma struck the state over a month ago could be delayed in the cleanup and rebuilding process. Most of these areas, however, will be spared from the worst of the stormy weather.

Vacationers could face a ruined beach day or two.

A persistent onshore flow of air will not only work to enhance showers and thunderstorms but also push rough surf toward Florida’s Atlantic coast. The enhanced surf will extend along the Georgia coastline.

FL Coastal concerns 10.18 AM

Stronger and more frequent rip currents will result. Bathers should avoid getting into the water during occasional breaks in the rain.

Operators of small craft should use caution outside of intracoastal waterways.

While the overall number and intensity of storms will lessen on Thursday and Friday across Florida as drier air inches southward, dangerous seas will persist along the east coast through Friday.

The remainder of the Southeast will be free of rain with weather ideal for outdoor fall activities forecast for the remainder of the week as highs generally top out in the 70s F.