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Cool, dry air to refresh southern US early next week

The southern United States will finally catch a break from hot and sticky weather as cooler, drier air invades the region early next week.

The cooldown will bring the lowest temperatures since last spring from the southern Plains to the Deep South. It may get chilly enough for heating to be needed in some spots overnight.

Residents who were wearing shorts under near-record heat for all or part of this weekend will be reaching for jackets in the span of 24 hours.

Temperatures will fall up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit from their highest point this weekend, to their lowest point early next week.

Refreshing Air South 10.14 AM

A cold front separating the oppressive conditions to the south and refreshing air to the north will slice across the region from Sunday to Monday.

“The front will bring cooler air to almost all of the South,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Frank Strait said. “The Florida Peninsula will be the only exception.”

The leading edge of the cool push will be marked by showers and locally heavy thunderstorms. A repeat of the severe weather set to rumble across the central and southern Plains late Saturday is not expected.

The wet weather will cross the interior Southeast late Sunday before exiting the southern Atlantic coast by Tuesday.

The line of showers and storms will tend to fizzle and become less widespread as it sweeps to the south and east.

Early Next Week Outlook 10.14 AM

Sunshine and a mainly clear sky will follow the stormy weather for a large portion of the South.

The weather will be more comfortable for fall activities such as hiking, leaf peeping or heading to a pumpkin patch as afternoon highs climb into the 60s and 70s.

The sun’s rays remain strong at this time of year, so anyone heading out should remember to put on sunscreen.

Those heading out in the morning will need to dress in layers as temperatures will be in the 40s for a large part of the interior South early next week before warming by the afternoon. A frost will be possible in the southern Appalachians as the sky clears and winds calm on Monday night.

The main exception to the rule of nice weather will be across the Florida Peninsula where the front will stall, leading to numerous showers and thunderstorms and a continuation of the hot and sticky pattern into midweek.

The stalled system could even be a breeding ground for a potential tropical system to form off the Southeast coast later in the week.

Outside of Florida, wet weather and steamy summerlike air will likely remain absent from the region into the next weekend.