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Photos: Massive wildfires destroy California wineries as smoke billows ominously over Disneyland

Wildfires rage on throughout Northern California causing utter destruction throughout the region. Several of the region's defining industries are at high risk from the wildfires scorching over 115,000 acres.

At least 17 people have been killed, over 100 people have been injured, and more than 20,000 people have been evacuated as fires continue to spread over the region, according to the Associated Press.

Over 2,000 homes and businesses have been destroyed while many more remain at high risk due to the fires.

Wineries are in significant danger from the fires. The wildfires are destroying or severely damaging at least four wineries and threatening numerous others, according to NBC News.

Disneyland is among the industries suffering through the smoke and flames as an orange sky lingers over the park.

The park tweeted on Oct. 9 that the night's fireworks show was canceled due to "wind conditions" but has not yet addressed the fire condition or the potential health hazards.

Numerous park visitors have posted pictures on social media that show the eerie sky that looms over the "Happiest Place on Earth."

Disneyland wildfire


disneyland wildfire


disneyland wildfire


disney wildfires


disneyland wildfire


Wildfire destruction in the Santa Rosa neighborhood of Coffey Park is seen in the below before-and-after image. The full view of the before-and-after scene can be revealed by moving the slider to the left or right.

Photo: Google Maps, California Highway Patrol