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Dreary weather to dampen eastern US through late week

With the exception of tropical weather, the Eastern Seaboard has so far experienced an unseasonably warm and mainly dry autumn.

However, the season’s first taste of prolonged dreary weather will settle into the region this week.

Following the impacts of Nate, the Northeast enjoyed a less humid and increasingly sunny and warm day on Tuesday.

“After a warm and dry Tuesday, the weather will turn wet and much cooler for much of the East on Wednesday,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Ryan Adamson.

northeast regional 10/11

Sunshine is expected to prevail in New England while rounds of drenching rainfall track through the mid-Atlantic and into New York, making for a much cooler day.

A few rumbles of thunder cannot be ruled out from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. and through Virginia.

“Most of the steady rain will fall Wednesday into early Wednesday night,” Adamson said.

In the rest of the southeastern United States, showers and storms will be more sparse, allowing for a few peeks of sunshine throughout the day.

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“Once the steady rain moves through, drizzle will still be around in the mid-Atlantic on Thursday with an east wind off the ocean,” Adamson said.

This dank weather will limit temperatures up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit lower than they were earlier this week.

“However, with the Atlantic still warm, temperatures will still be close to normal,” said Adamson.

By Saturday, temperatures are expected to rebound to above-average levels as drier, sunnier weather returns.