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Storms, chilly air to sweep across northwestern US through late week

While much of the western United States remains sunny and dry this week, the Northwest will brace for another bought of dreary, wintry weather.

The northwestern United States has not had to deal with the same arid heat and wildfire threat as their neighbors to the south these past couple of weeks.

“The pleasant conditions typical of early October that have graced the Pacific Northwest during the past week will be chased away,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Kyle Elliott.

“Residents venturing outdoors or going to and from work should be sure to grab the umbrella and rain gear before heading out the door each day through Friday.”

NW regional 10/10

The first of two storms is expected to impact the area early this week, bringing cooler, damper weather to Washington, Oregon, Idaho and western Montana by midweek.

The most noticeable impact of this first round of changeable weather will be the fresh chill.

“Temperatures by midweek will be slashed by 5-15 degrees Fahrenheit in comparison to high temperatures this past weekend,” Elliott said.

Coastal areas can expect increasing cloudiness and showers to cause temperatures to struggle into the upper 50s, while more inland locations will enjoy another day of relative warmth with some sunshine.

“The unseasonable chill will invade the central and northern Rockies by midweek, with highs in Great Falls, Montana, struggling to reach the upper 40s by Thursday,” said Elliott.

A secondary burst of chill and moisture later this week will pack more of a punch, knocking temperatures down another notch and bringing more widespread wet weather.

NW week's end 10/10

Precipitation from the early week system will be reaching the Interior Northwest on Thursday, just as another disturbance moves onshore.

Residents of the coastal Pacific Northwest can anticipate rounds of heavy rain to move onshore on Thursday.

“In the highest elevations of the Cascades and Bitterroots, as much as 6-12 inches of snow may fall by the time the chilly air departs by the upcoming weekend,” Elliott said.