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Labor Day forecast: Storms to rattle Midwest, Gulf Coast; West to bake under record heat

The Labor Day holiday will be highlighted by tranquil and rain-free conditions for most of the country.

However, wet weather may put a damper on the holiday across parts of the Midwest.

Meanwhile, thunderstorms will bubble up along the Gulf coast, possibly slowing the recession of waters in communities hit by Harvey’s disastrous flooding.

Rain to return to Gulf Coast as devastating flooding persists

Thunderstorms with localized downpours will stretch from Texas to Florida as moisture flows northward from the Gulf of Mexico.

Any additional rainfall will only add insult to injury across southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana, slowing the recession of floodwaters from Harvey and making it even more difficult for communities to get back on their feet.

The stormy conditions will stem from an area of disturbed weather over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico. Downpours will be enhanced should this system organize and gather strength. However, this scenario appears unlikely at this point.

Labor Day national outlook 9.1 AM

Those spending the holiday at the beaches along the Gulf coast should be on the lookout for towering and darkening clouds. Head indoors or to a vehicle at the first rumble of thunder or stroke of lightning.

The interior South will enjoy a dry, sunny and warm holiday.

Storms to rattle Midwest

Those with outdoor plans from Michigan to Missouri may have to run for cover at a moment’s notice as showers and thunderstorms blossom late Monday afternoon and evening.

The stormy conditions will erupt ahead of a push of cool air more reminiscent of late-September.

“While the risk for widespread severe weather with these storms is low, some of the storms could turn strong,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Ryan Adamson said.

Any storm that does erupt could bring brief heavy rain, dangerous lightning strikes and gusty winds. Tents and other outdoor items should be properly secured to prevent them from blowing over.

Holiday gatherings in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chicago and Detroit could be impacted by the stormy weather following a dry and sunny start to the day. Storms may hold off in St. Louis until Monday night.

Dangerous heat, wildfires threat to persist out West

Unseasonably hot air will continue to be on the rise across the West, making it a necessity for those spending time outdoors to wear light-colored clothing and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

“With the hot and dry conditions, anyone who plans on setting off fireworks to celebrate the holiday will need to be very careful, as there will be a risk of starting a wildfire,” Adamson said.

Those with respiratory sensitivities may need to limit time outdoors due to poor air quality from nearby wildfires.

Northeast to dry out in time for the holiday

After dealing with damp and cool conditions from Harvey through Sunday, the Northeast will dry out and warm up on Monday.

Any lingering rain from Harvey will end early in the day across northern Maine.

Temperatures will recover to the 70s and 80s F on Monday afternoon after being stuck 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit below normal on Saturday and Sunday.