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Potential tropical threat to track across Atlantic this week

While the Gulf Coast continues to deal with the devastating impacts of Harvey, it is time for the country’s emergency managers to set their sights on the next potential tropical threat.

Far across the Atlantic, just west of the Cabo Verde Islands, an area of thunderstorms is showing promising early signs of significant organization.

“There has been an increase in thunderstorm activity with this tropical wave, a sign that a tropical depression or tropical storm could form soon,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Brian Thompson.

93L AVN 8/30

Invest 93L swirls over the Cabo Verde Islands early Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017. (Photo/NOAA Satellite)

Between the Caribbean and mainland United States, and this system - dubbed Invest 93L - there is little to stop it from undergoing strengthening.

While 93L certainly could form into a powerful and destructive storm as it barrels towards the Americas, it will take several days for the system to make its trek across the Atlantic Ocean.

“The system will track basically due west over the open Atlantic for much of the next five to seven days,” Thompson said.

During this time, plenty of atmospheric factors will come into play to determine its path.

Possibilities range from a landfall on the Windward Islands in the eastern Caribbean to the coastal Carolinas and the island nation of Bermuda - and everything in between.

“On the current expected track, it will pass close to the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola around the middle of next week,” said Thompson.

Conditions are favorable for tropical development throughout the central Atlantic, heightening the threat of significant strengthening as this system approaches the U.S.

“At the very least, there will be an increase in surf starting early next week,” Thompson said.

Residents who live along the East Coast or have interests in the Caribbean Sea should take time to review emergency procedures and make sure they are prepared for extreme tropical conditions.