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It's so hot in Arizona that street signs and mailboxes are melting

Areas across Arizona are so hot that cactus are dying, food is baking and plastic is melting.

"Arizona has had record or near-record heat for over a week now," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Ken Clark said.

While the heat will ease this week, temperatures will remain higher than normal, Clark added.

On June 20, 2017, Phoenix hit a new daily heat record at 119 degrees Fahrenheit, surpassing the previous record of 116 F.

A high fire danger is in place due to the blistering heat and occasional wind, according to Clark. The fire danger will remain high in Arizona this week as the area will remain rain-free.

During extreme heat, smartphones may not work, so plan ahead with extra water and other emergency supplies. If you have a pet, make sure their feet do not burn on the blistering hot pavement.

People have tested the heat by cooking eggs, cookies and meat in the scorching sun. One woman in Arizona successfully cooked a pot pie, chicken and a hamburger and melted crayons on her car's dashboard.