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Dry, cool air to sweep across southern US in Cindy's wake

Areas of the southern United States dealing with the aftermath of Cindy will get a break from hot, humid and stormy conditions by the end of the weekend.

For many areas, this will be the first significant break from heat and humidity since the beginning of June.

The drier conditions will allow flood waters, rivers and small streams to recede and flooded roads to begin to reopen after parts of the area were inundated with over 8 inches of rain from Cindy.

Communities that were hit hard from several tornadoes that touched down, including near Birmingham, Alabama, will be able to start picking up the pieces.

Rain and thunderstorms will soak the Southern states along the dividing line between cool, dry air and hot, humid air through Saturday.

Cool, less humid South 6.23 AM

Areas stretching from eastern Texas to Louisiana, central and southern Mississippi, much of Alabama, northern and central Georgia and into parts of South Carolina will face the downpours, according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Ryan Adamson.

Some of the storms could be heavy enough to exacerbate or create new flooding problems. Localized damaging wind gusts are also possible.

The rain will be pushed southward as a refreshing blast of cooler, less humid air plunges across the region on Sunday.

“Humidity will drop unusually low for this time of year,” Adamson said.

“Along the immediate Gulf coast, it will take until Monday or Tuesday before the chance of rain lowers,” he said. “In addition, while it will not be as humid as it has been, it will not be as comfortable as areas farther north.”

Highs will range from the upper 70s to lower 80s F from Nashville, Tennessee, to Little Rock, Arkansas, Birmingham, Alabama, and Atlanta from Sunday to the middle of next week.

Wx pattern next week 6.23 AM

The lower humidity will translate to AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures just a few degrees higher than actual temperatures.

Air conditioners may be turned off for the first time in weeks.

The dry, sunny and comfortable conditions are projected to last into the middle of next week before steamy air begins to return towards next weekend.

Into the start of July, no tropical systems or significant rain events are expected to threaten the region.