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Severe storms to batter central US repeatedly into the weekend

The unrelenting rounds of severe weather that have ripped across the central United States this week show no sign of letting up into Saturday.

Since Monday, over 50 tornadoes have been reported from Wyoming to Wisconsin along with hundreds of damaging wind and large hail reports.

As more severe weather targets the Central states into the weekend, these numbers will continue to climb as additional communities, lives and property are threatened.

“Dangerous lightning, damaging winds, hail and flooding rain are all risks with the most powerful storms in the Plains and Midwest,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Michael Doll said.

“Some areas could face power outages due to downed trees on power lines.”

Thu severe 6.15 AM

The threat for tornadoes will be lower than previous days this week, but not zero. It takes only one tornado to devastate lives and a community.

The most active period for the dangerous storms will be during the late afternoon and through the evening hours. Having a weather radio nearby or leaving a cellphone on with the volume turned up and severe alerts enabled for your location can be life-saving measures as dangerous weather threatens overnight.

“Whenever a storm system interacts with an environment that features air temperatures in the 90s F and moderate to high humidity, violent thunderstorms will erupt,” Doll said.

On Thursday, two separate clusters of thunderstorms can turn severe. One cluster will be centered over the central Plains while another targets the lower Ohio Valley to the Deep South.

Thu PM/Friday severe 6.15 AM

The most volatile thunderstorms are likely to erupt over Kansas and Oklahoma late Thursday afternoon and evening. Any severe activity will be extremely isolated in nature south of Oklahoma into West Texas.

On Friday, a line of thunderstorms could be ongoing across parts of Missouri and Arkansas during the morning hours.

A new round of severe weather will then take aim farther north later in the day and likely center over Iowa.

At the start of Father’s Day weekend, severe thunderstorms may threaten much of the same areas of the Midwest as Friday’s threat zone.

Father's Day weekend outlook 6.15 AM

Depending on the exact track of the storms, the first games of the 2017 College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska, could be threatened by violent weather on Saturday afternoon and evening.

Motorists will need to be prepared to slow down and turn on their headlights when a violent thunderstorm crosses secondary roads or interstates. Airline passengers could also face delays at major hubs.

The central U.S. may get a significant break from stormy weather during the second half of the weekend into early next week, which will benefit those needing to begin cleanup efforts.