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Influx of chilly air to put summer on hold in the northwestern US

The heat wave baking the central and eastern United States will turn a cold shoulder to the West Coast, where chilly rain and mountain snow will delay summer weather.

“A cool blast combined with a storm moving in from the Pacific will make it seem like early spring instead of early summer across the Northwest this weekend,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Bill Deger said.

The influx of chilly air has brought plenty of moisture along with it and will cause a string of cool, dreary days in the Pacific Northwest.

Residents of Seattle; Portland, Oregon; Boise, Idaho and Great Falls, Montana, can expect rainy, cloudy weather to be a nuisance over the next few days.

NW Sat 6/10

However, the system responsible for this weather will overcome the June climate and high summer sun angle, allowing snow to fall over the higher elevations.

“Late-season snow is expected to fall at elevations as low as 5,000 feet in the Cascade, Siskiyous and Sierra mountains, accumulating several inches and impacting travel across some passes,” Deger said.

While dense population areas can largely expect rain only, those venturing into the mountains to hike, camp or climb should be weather-weary.

earlyweek snow 6/10

“Those expecting to enjoy some June-like warmth and time outdoors in the High Country of the West will be in for a rude awakening, and should take precautions for the chilly and wintry conditions,” Deger warned.

Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming can expect snowfall early next week.

Layers of warm waterproof clothing will be necessary, including hats and gloves.

The lack of extensive heat will also be welcome by the small number of ski resorts still in operation.

Timberline Lodge in Oregon is forecast to receive snow, where summer skiing is the norm on the upper reaches of Mt. Hood.

This cool air will push into the north-central U.S. early next week, clashing with leftover heat and promoting strong storms.