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Intense heat to spread across central US through next week

While heat has been no stranger to the central Plains this season, the region will experience an extended period of possibly record-breaking temperatures.

Over the coming days, a persistent area of strong southwesterly winds will spread heat from the Desert Southwest through an enormous portion of the country.

On Friday, temperatures will exceed 90 degrees from central Texas northward through the Dakotas and throughout Iowa.

“Temperatures of up to 100 degrees will be possible as far north as central South Dakota, and a few records are possible,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Ryan Adamson.

By Saturday, this area will shift eastward, expanding through the Upper Midwest. St. Louis and Chicagoland can expect their first 90-degree day of the period.

weekend forecast 6/9

Over the weekend, more widespread temperatures around 100 are possible, including in cities such as Omaha, Nebraska, and Des Moines, Iowa, Adamson stated.

By the end of the weekend, it will be apparent that the heat is sticking around, with afternoon temperatures reaching 10-20 degrees above average for the third day in a row throughout the central Plains.

“The heat will persist through at least the middle of next week, as a ridge of high pressure remains in place over the Midwest and western Great Lakes,” said Adamson.

Many in the Midwest will then experience their first 90-degree day of the year, including those in Detroit, Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis.

eastern heat 6/9

Areas as far as northeast as Boston can anticipate high temperatures exceeding 90 degrees this weekend as well.

“Dew points will generally be in the mid-60s with mostly sunny skies, causing AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures to be several degrees higher than the thermometer will read,” said Adamson.

“In addition, nighttime lows will only drop into the mid- to upper 70s in some locations, providing little relief overnight.”

From Texas to North Dakota and Ohio, gusty winds kicking in on Sunday will be a nuisance to those hoping to enjoy the weather through the middle of next week.

Anyone with outdoor plans this weekend and next week should be sure to bring plenty of water wherever they go, in addition to wearing sunscreen, sun-protective clothing and hats or sunglasses.

Sunburn and heat exhaustion will threaten anyone spending time outdoors, so it will be important to stay well-hydrated and know the symptoms.

Pets and livestock can suffer similarly under extreme heat, and proper precautions should be made to keep animals hydrated and protected from direct sunlight.

With few clouds or storms forecast over the coming days, many communities will go up to a week experiencing only glaring sunshine and stifling heat.