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Unrelenting heat to bake southwestern US through next week

Unrelenting heat will have a firm grip on the southwestern United States through next week with the heat also expanding into the Northwest on a couple of occasions.

Las Vegas, Phoenix and Palm Springs, California, are known for sizzling temperatures. However, the heat through next week is more typical of late June and July than the start of meteorological summer.

Highs in the middle and upper 100s will bake the deserts of Arizona, southern Nevada and southeastern California daily.

Needles, California, will join some other communities along the border of Arizona and California in seeing temperatures reach or exceed 110 F.

west June 3

“Since late May, a nearly stagnant weather pattern has gripped the region,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Kyle Brown said. “This has, and continues to result in unseasonable warmth.”

Persistent highs of 5-10 degrees above normal through next week may lead to increased electric bills as residents will be cranking up air conditioners and fans.

Anyone with prolonged outdoor plans is reminded to drink plenty of water, wear light clothing and avoid strenuous activities during the midday and afternoon hours (the hottest times of the day).

"The heat will combine with a gusty breeze and dry vegetation to elevated the fire danger across the region each afternoon," AccuWeather Meteorologist and firefighter Evan Duffey said. "While much of the region is sparse in vegetation, areas in the border between desert and mountain forest will be the most vulnerable this week."

The heat will not just be confined to the deserts.

Highs in the 90s will be common across California's Central Valley through next week. The interior valleys of the Los Angeles Basin will heat up to the upper 80s and lower 90s.

Heat will surge across the central Rockies to the northern High Plains to end the weekend. Sunday’s record high of 98 F will be challenged in Salt Lake City as highs in the 90s also bake Billings, Montana.

The passage of a cold front, accompanied by locally strong thunderstorms, will trim the heat in these cities by Monday. However, the heat will quickly rebound and surge back into the Northwest by midweek.

Widespread highs in the 90s will build back across California’s Central Valley early next week before baking the interior valleys of the Northwest at midweek.

NW June 3

Boise, Idaho, will not only flirt with the triple-digit mark but also the day’s long-standing record high from 1897.

While the core of the heat will be centered farther inland, even the I-5 corridor from Seattle to Portland and Medford, Oregon, will feel more like the middle of summer.

Those looking to beat the heat throughout the West into next week can head to the coast. A persistent flow off the chilly ocean will hold temperatures closer to normal in Astoria, Oregon, and San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Residents should also resist the urge to jump into the ocean and most streams and rivers, which are too cold to enter. Cold water shock and hypothermia are dangers. The latter can occur in any water temperature below 70 F, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Melting snow is also contributing to dangerously fast currents and localized flooding on the waterways flowing out of the mountains.

A new storm is expected to trim the heat across the Northwest later next week.

“There are also signs that the heat may ease next weekend in the Southwest,” Brown said as the storm slowly swings inland.