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Downpours to bring flash flood threat to southern US into Tuesday

Drenching showers and thunderstorms will crawl across the southern United States early this week, threatening to disrupt travel and ruin outdoor plans.

Those hoping to fire up the barbecue, take a swim in a local lake or pool or venture on a hike during Memorial Day may have to alter their plans.

Beyond Memorial Day, holiday visitors heading home and residents returning to work and school could face slower travel times.

“Thunderstorms will affect parts of Texas, Louisiana and the Southeast during the first part of the week as a storm becomes stationary in the area,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Frank Strait said.

Memorial Day downpours 5.29 AM

As a consequence of the stalled nature of the storm, any downpours will be slow moving and heighten the risk of localized flash flooding.

The thunderstorms will traverse along a path from Texas to the Carolinas, with the most active period for stormy weather being the afternoon and evening hours of Monday and Tuesday.

The most widespread thunderstorms will be across Texas, according to Strait.

Areas along a corridor from Tyler to San Antonio, Texas, and southward will be most at risk of flooding due to prior heavy rainfall.

On Sunday night, flooded roads were reported throughout South Texas as heavy thunderstorms crossed the Rio Grande Valley.

Ponding of water on roads will be the most far-reaching impact from the additional bursts of rain, but some secondary roads may be forced to close due to high water.

Anyone outdoors will need to take shelter at a moment’s notice due to the threat of frequent lightning and locally gusty winds. As soon as thunder is heard, the threat of being struck by lighting is present.

“The severe weather threat will continue to lessen from its peak on Saturday, but an isolated risk will still be present,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski said.

Midweek outlook 5.29 AM

Wind gusts that can break tree limbs and cause sporadic power outages will be the greatest threat. Unsecured tents, light chairs and other loose outdoor items could be tossed around.

Hail is also possible during the strongest storms, further endangering anyone outdoors.

As the storms in the Southeast turn more isolated in nature and some areas completely dry out towards the middle and latter half of the week, soaking rain will continue to gather over Texas and the balance of the South Central states.